There's a reason (actually many reasons!) why almost 25% of American weddings are destination weddings.  Wanna know what they are? Click here.   


Destination weddings are a fun and affordable alternative to traditional weddings. That is, if you avoid common planning mistakes. I'm happy to offer you a free guide of important points to keep in mind as you make your wedding plans. >>>
~ Sonya Scott

"Sonya helped make our entire wedding experience perfect - from planning, to setting up our relaxing Jamaican honeymoon. If you're looking for a flexible, friendly professional to make your honeymoon dreams come true, look no further. 

~ Brynn Dailey Everett

"Sonya planned our daughter's amazing destination wedding. She made it memorable, stress-free and fun!  She not only helped us form a budget, she helped us stick to that budget. (We actually were under budget!)  Sonya turned the wedding into a fun vacation for everyone."

~ Jenny Curl

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How Can I Help You Celebrate?

Destination Weddings

Did you know destination weddings usually cost much less than domestic weddings? Even better than that, my guidance doesn't have to cost you a penny!  


Your honeymoon is the most romantic trip of your life. If there's ever a time to trust the experience of a travel professional, this is it. Let me help.

Vow Renewals

Anniversaries are a chance to celebrate or rekindle the romance that made you want to spend your lives together in the first place. Why not renew your vows? 

Let a Knoxville Wedding Planner Help You Create A Perfect Day! in Paradise 

When you're planning a destination wedding, there's comfort in knowing someone local is looking out for you. I Unlike online and big box travel agencies, I keep up with my clients by their name, not their reservation number. Even though I'm small, I can almost always match online pricing through my many partnerships in the travel industry. 

Unless you want me to plan the minute details of your wedding, my services are free. Resorts build travel advisor commissions into their pricing. When you book direct, they don't give you a discount for doing the work yourself. They keep it as profit. It's a no-brainer to have a professional take care of this important trip in the midst of so many wedding details

Because I have many years of experience as a wedding planner, I know what's important to couples when it comes to planning their wedding. Part of the charm of a destination wedding is that they're naturally more relaxed and laid back. Nevertheless, "No problem, mon," only goes so far when it comes to a day you've dreamed of. You need someone who knows you + knows weddings + knows the resorts interceding on your behalf to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to your wedding. 

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